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Aurora Mistica™ - My Gift from Spirit

Mysterious Aurora - Distance Remote Energy Healing - Aurora MisticaAurora Mistica™ is a beautiful loving powerful energy spontaneously gifted to Anna Pizzoferrato, a long time pioneer in remote distance energy healing. To date, Anna has been professionally channeling Reiki distance energy healing for over a decade. Her clients have experienced anything from inner calm to medical and psychological miracles. Knowing deep in her heart that even more was possible with distance remote energy healing and knowing that somehow, someday more would be offered to her clients, Anna's intending for such a powerful and unique energy reached the proverbial tipping point. Divine timing was ripe. Manifestation occurred and in October 2010 Anna was instantaneously and remarkably gifted with this wonderful limitless energy. A new healing modality was born!

This new energy, soon named Aurora Mistica™, is a unique, powerful, highly refined energy. Aurora Mistica™ is a result of the synergy of Anna's energy, as it is being channeled, and Aurora Mistica's™ own innate power and vibration. The unique combination of Anna's personal vibration while channeling Aurora Mistica™ and the unlimited power of this unprecedented energy provide the ingredients necessary for an unusual blend of potent healing energies. Anna feels that this synergistic blend of energies creates an energy potentially unrivaled in beauty, strength and possibilities.

As a result of Anna's intentions for the energy, as well as her connection to spirit, Aurora Mistica™ is further distinguished by its unique ability to be available to the recipient for the entire duration of their remote distance energy healing session. For the client, this connection is very empowering in that their access to Aurora Mistica™ is permitted to exist at multi-consciousness levels.

An Aurora Mistica™ session calls into motion the energies of the universe to bring you the highest and best manifestations of your personal intentions. The time frame varies from individual to individual as well as from intention to intention. The format, timing and method of delivery of your intentions are up to the discretion of your higher self (soul) and the Universe/God/Source. However you want to refer to this great, kind, non-judgmental benevolent source which watches, listens and helps, just know that its hand is that which, with your faith and trust, can move mountains.

Everything is possible as long as it does not interfere with the free will of others. An Aurora Mistica™ session has a predetermined duration. The influence of an Aurora Mistica™ session does not. Once Aurora Mistica puts in motion the often hundreds of personal as well as external shifts which will assist you with your intention, one will see events and changes unfold that were initially catalyzed by your Aurora Mistica session(s).

As with all divinely inspired healing energy work, Aurora Mistica™ distance healing's divinely inspired decisions on what precisely IS the highest and best for the recipient will vary. Manifestations of personal intentions vary in timing, degree and appearance upon delivery. An individual will receive their highest and best in conjunction with their soul level/higher self's determined needs.

When there is a strong belief and trust in Aurora Mistica's™ energy, manifestation can be more powerful, however, belief and trust are NOT a prerequisite for the energy to do good. It helps to believe and trust, but it's not required. Some of my early "experimenters" of Aurora Mistica™ were naturally, quietly, and politely skeptical. Their present trust of Aurora Mistica™ energy is born from their own personal experiences with Aurora Mistica™ distance energy healing.

Due to its divine and benevolent nature and origin, the unfathomable intelligence of Aurora Mistica™ will earn your trust as well. Upon experiencing its simple perfection, an inner knowing will grow within you and an endearing trust and love for Aurora Mistica™ will become part of who you are. We all have our evolutionary challenges. We all have our own way to navigate our journey. Aurora Mistica™ helps.

As words attempt to present you, the reader, with a description of Aurora Mistica™ distance healing, its grandeur pales in comparison to the actual experience of connection to this beautiful energy. The recipient’s ability to draw from Aurora Mistica™ as needed, both consciously and on a soul level certainly qualifies Aurora Mistica™ as an excitedly new empowering modality. Although each experience with Aurora Mistica™ will be different, it always does good in the most beneficial of ways for the specific client.

My suggestion to the reader is to listen to their intuition and feel their response to Aurora Mistica™. Only the experience of this new remote distance healing modality can answer your question as to its appropriateness for you at this time of your life.

Aurora Mistica™ Distance Energy Healing Overview

Overview - Remote Distance Energy Healing - Aurora Mistica

Aurora Mistica™ distance remote healing sessions were designed to be user friendly. There is no need for phone appointments or preparatory meditations. Your higher self (soul) will recognize the presence of the energy, and, in conjunction with the innate intelligence of Aurora Mistica™, will utilize the energy for your highest and greatest good. While in session and engaged in daily life, Aurora Mistica™ is always with you. Should you be experiencing an especially demanding moment, you can focus energy by simply thinking its name. Aurora Mistica™ can never be called forth to do harm or challenge the free will of another. Whatever is best for all will occur. Yes, there are times that one questions the possible positive value of a certain event. Yet, if we knew the entire big picture, right down to why people and situations occur in one’s life, there would be reasons for even the worst of events. We may not be privy to these reasons, but they are present none the less.

Although the term “healing” is often used as this energy is described, one does not need to be ill or in great difficulty to experience the positive effects of Aurora Mistica’s power. Aurora Mistica’s™ influence is always positive so, no worries, as to the quality of the shifts it catalyzes.

It is strongly suggested that, while in session, one become very observant of their own feelings and emotions. These are signposts to areas in need of attention and reframing. As blocks are bubbling up for scrutiny, acknowledge their existence and then bid them farewell. Aurora Mistica™ may bring these messengers to light, however it is up to our free will as to how we will process them. It is best not to pre-judge HOW the energy will assist. Just be open and know that EVERYTHING is possible. Relax into the energy and simply allow your good to unfold.

Examples of Uses for Aurora Mistica™

Uses of Aurora Mistica distance energy healing

Pets, Family, Friends, Corportate Groups, Plants, Teams, Projects, Operating Room Staff, Relationships, Auditions, Exams, Court appearances & more...

Present Events, Past events, Future events

Troublesome Issues:
Stress, Physical ailments, Psychological issues, Anxiety, Public Speaking, Emotional challenges, Auditions, Insomnia, Surgery, Interviews, Exams anxiety , Depression, Blocks, Health issues, Sporting events ..& more.

Personal Growth, Relationships, Relaxation, Physical Health, Creativity, Business meetings, Clarity, Transitioning to death...& more...



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