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The Process
Self Care ~ Your Body

Love it
Our body is very responsive to our thoughts and beliefs. If we continue to tell our body that it is broken and not perfect, it will respond like an obedient child. If you tell a child that they are hated, imperfect, and without value or power, how do you think that child will develop? Do you feel a child will thrive by receiving those messages? Of course not.

Treat your body as you would a highly impressionable child. Speak to it as you would like to see it rather than how it presently is. If you are ill, take steps, mentally and physically, that send out the message that you are well, healthy and whole. Visualize it as you want it to be rather than how it is in the moment.

Dr. Emoto did research as to the power of thought, words and emotions on water. He performed experiments where he projected a certan feeling toward droplets of water prior to freezing. His results were astounding. Positive projects produced beautiful ice crystals whereas negative projections produced deformed "ugly" crystals. The implications to this work are obvious. What are we projecting to our own, water-based body?
If interested in his work, you can find his publications in my Amazon associated store.
Dr. Emoto -

If possible:
* Wear your day clothes rather than lounging in your pajamas.
* Take a few steps around the house and picture yourself taking more steps.
* Tell your body that you love it. Thank it for being healthy, beautiful and whole.

Check with Your Health care Professionals before you change your nutritional habits and physical/psychological actions and environments.

Our bodies are mostly water. Our body naturally produces waste products resulting from the various chemical reactions that are constantly taking place. Water is needed to help the toxins safely exit the body.

Some of our foods may not be as wholesome as we believe. To assist your the body in ridding itself of toxins, consider drinking at least eight glasses of clean quality water a day.

During any energy healing session, including Aurora Mistica™, drinking generous amounts of water is required. Energy work "stirs the pot" allowing a variety of toxins to bubble up to the surface for healing. Always remember to increase your water intake while participating in healing sessions.

Current thinking supports the belief that cooking foods greatly reduces its nutritional value. Going forth with this logic, the best foods for our bodies are foods that are still alive. They contain the much desired "life force". Enzymes are important assemblages of amino acids. They work only within a narrow temperature range while they control pretty much every metabolic reaction in the human body. Clearly, cooking food destroys enzymes and "denatures" (destroys) proteins.

When possible, eating fresh organic uncooked food can be a healthy practice. I am not suggesting we begin eating live animals! We certainly would not want to ingest their parasites, and, our society frowns heavily upon such actions. The Plant Kingdom has fewer protective allies so the ingestion of raw plants is far more socially acceptable. All kidding aside, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very good for you. If purchasing organic food is within budget, all the better.

Please check with your health care practitioner before commencing a change in your dietary and daily health habits.

Move It
I would guess that most of the readers of this page are familiar with the many benefits of exercise. To name just a few, exercise is important in moving the blood through the veins, picking up wastes and preparing them for excretion, delivering nutrients to the cells, moving lymph through our tissues, promoting clarity of mind, reducing stress and supporting our immune system.

During your Aurora Mistica™ energy distance healing session, a form of gentle exercise is encouraged. Ideally, if you can exercise outside, the benefit of exercise is even greater. Spending time outside provides you with a private time to process the changes going on in your inner perspectives while simultaneoulsy being supported by the energies of nature. Walking, Yoga and Tai Chi are a few examples of exercise suggested as they all, to some degree, move energy throughout the body.

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